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How To Use The Share Content From Camera Feature In Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft recently implemented a new feature in Microsoft Teams called Share Content from Camera. The Microsoft Teams share content from camera feature allows users to make a physical object the focus of a shared screen during a Microsoft Teams Meeting. For example, a user who is facilitating a meeting in a boardroom where some participants are in the same room and others are attending virtually would be able to pan their camera to a physical whiteboard and clearly and cleanly display it as a shared screen in the meeting window.

Microsoft Teams Share Content From Camera Video Tutorial

For video instructions showing how to use the Microsoft Teams content from camera function, check out 5:08 of the video below.

How To Use Share Content From Camera in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

Step 1: In the Microsoft Teams meeting window, click on the “Share Content” button.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Share Content

Step 2: Click on “Content From Camera”.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Share Content From Camera

Step 3: Select the option that best matches what you will be sharing. Each option is optimized to focus on the specific content being shared.

Microsoft Teams Content From Camera

Step 4: In the “Content From Camera” menu select the camera that you want to use and adjust it to focus on the object that you want to share. Use the preview box to help focus and refine the image. Once you are satisfied with the display, click on the “Share” button.

Microsoft Teams Content From Camera

Step 5: By default, Microsoft Teams will superimpose your video feed with the content. To disable this, click the “Don’t Overlay Presenter” button. If you want to refocus the camera or change the settings click on the settings icon.

And that’s it! That is how to use the Microsoft Teams content from camera feature.

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