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The Top 3 Microsoft Teams Headsets Of 2023

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With the prevalence of hybrid work increasing, effective communication is essential for successful collaboration. Microsoft Teams has emerged as a leading platform for remote teamwork, enabling individuals and organizations to connect, communicate, and collaborate seamlessly. To enhance the Teams experience, a high-quality headset is crucial. In this blog post, we will explore the top three Microsoft Teams headsets that deliver exceptional audio performance, comfort, and integration, ensuring productive and immersive collaboration.

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The Jabra Evolve2 85 stands out as one of the premier headsets designed specifically for Microsoft Teams. In fact, many organizations make the Jabra Evole2 85 standard issue for employees due its exceptional build quality. It features exceptional noise cancellation technology that allows you to focus on your conversations without any disruptions. The Evolve2 85 features a unique 10-microphone setup that ensures crystal-clear audio quality, even in noisy environments.

Jabra Evolve2 85 Headset

The Evolve2 85 also boasts powerful 40mm speakers delivering rich and vibrant sound. Its comfortable design and soft memory foam ear cushions make it ideal for extended use, and the 37-hour battery life ensures uninterrupted communication throughout the workday. The Jabra2 Evolve2 comes with a hard-shell carrying case, and a micro-USB for charging. Some versions also come with an accessory dock that neatly holds the headset and charges it at the same time. Additionally, the headset integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, offering dedicated buttons for call control, mute, and voice assistant activation. The major downside to the Jabra Evolve2 85 is the price point. While there are different variations of this headset, the premium configuration can cost upward of $300 USD.


The Poly Voyager Focus 2 is another top-notch headset that excels for use with communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and even Zoom. It boasts outstanding audio quality and also includes pretty effective active noise cancellation. The active noise cancellation on the Poly Voyager Focus 2 is variable meaning that you can actually set your preferred level ranging from high, low or off. The noise cancellation on this headset is also “hybrid” meaning it relies on both physical microphones and digital noise filtering to ensure meeting participants hear you and only you.

Poly Voyager Focus 2 Headset

The Poly Voyager Focus 2 is equipped with three microphones to ensure that your voice is transmitted with exceptional clarity, while the powerful speakers deliver immersive sound. The Voyager Focus 2 offers an impressive 19-hour battery life, ensuring uninterrupted use during long work sessions. While the battery life is good, it is not as impressive as the 37 hour batter life offered by the Jabra Evolve2. The Poly Voyager Focus 2 features smart sensors that automatically answer calls when you put on the headset and pause audio playback when you take it off. It also includes built-in AI that will automatically inform you when you are muted preventing you from excessively before realizing you’re muted. With Microsoft Teams integration, you can effortlessly control calls, mute, and access Teams features directly from the headset.


The EPOS Adapt series of headsets offers a range of options that are certified for Microsoft Teams, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimized performance. These headsets deliver outstanding audio quality and active noise cancellation, ensuring clear and focused conversations. The EPOS Sennheiser Adapt 260 Dual Sided Headset is one of the better models available as it balances performance and price.

EPOS Adapt 260 Dual Sided Headset

The EPOS Adapt 260 comes in different configurations including a USB-A and USB-C model and a single and dual sided model. It also boasts a 30 hour battery life and can be connected up to two devices simultaneously. As is common, the EPOS Adapt 260 also features a dedicated Microsoft Teams button to enable you to interact with Teams right from your headset. One the most notable disadvantages of this headset, is it’s appearance. While it will not be winning any awards for aesthetics, it can do more than a satisfactory job of facilitating collaboration within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.


A high-quality headset is an indispensable tool for efficient and productive collaboration on Microsoft Teams. The Jabra Evolve2 85, Poly Voyager Focus 2, and EPOS Adapt series are among the top choices for users seeking exceptional audio performance, comfort, and seamless integration. Whether you need advanced noise cancellation, long battery life, or a sleek design, these headsets offer a range of features to enhance your Microsoft Teams experience. By investing in one of these top-tier headsets, you can elevate your communication and collaboration capabilities, ultimately boosting productivity and success in the modern workplace.

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