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How To Create A Status Column In A SharePoint Online List

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SharePoint lists are often used to record and manage items through a lifecycle or workflow. A SharePoint List status column can be used to display where in that lifecycle (or which “state”) the item is. SharePoint status indicators can also be used to easily display what actions should be performed on an item based on its current status. SharePoint status columns are also incredibly helpful when implementing workflows in Microsoft Power Automate as they can be used to trigger execution of certain actions. Fortunately, thanks to the advanced capabilities of SharePoint Online in comparison to older versions of SharePoint, you can implement status columns in a variety of different ways. The tutorial video below will demonstrate several different ways that you can create a status column in a SharePoint Online list.

Different Types Of SharePoint List Status Columns

Note that the screenshots below illustrate different ways that you can implement a status column in SharePoint. The video tutorial at the bottom of this page (and here) will provide step-by-step instructions outlining how you can implement these example status columns in your SharePoint lists.

SharePoint List Status Column Using Conditional Formatting

The screenshot below illustrates a SharePoint list status column that is implemented as a choice type field with conditional formatting. SharePoint list conditional formatting allows you to automatically change the appearance of an item field based on the value selected. To learn more about SharePoint list conditional formatting, check out this comprehensive tutorial.

SharePoint Online list status column with conditional formatting
SharePoint Online list status column using conditional formatting

SharePoint List Red Yellow Green Status Column

The screenshot below illustrates a more advanced approach to developing SharePoint list status columns. This approach leverages JSON to display status values as red, green and yellow circles. These SharePoint status indicators are rather easy to implement. Note that the JSON syntax required to implement the SharePoint color coding is publicly available here.

This screenshot illustrates a SharePoint list status column that is color coded. The SharePoint list red green yellow status column can be implemented via JSON. SharePoint List Red Yellow Green Status Column
SharePoint list red green yellow status column

SharePoint List Percentage Bar Status Column

The screenshot below illustrates an example SharePoint list conditional formatting percentage column. This approach leverages JSON syntax to display a numeric value as a horizontal bar graph. This SharePoint list percentage column is is a great way to display task status. Note that you can access the JSON syntax used to implement this status column here. The SharePoint tutorial below will guide you through the steps to implement it.

SharePoint List Percentage Complete Column

How To Create A SharePoint List Status Column

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