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How To Create Clickable Hyperlinks In Microsoft Power Automate

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Microsoft Power Automate has revolutionized workflow automation, enabling users to streamline their processes and enhance productivity by creating no-code process automations. Many use-cases often require that hyperlinks to files, folders, websites and more be added to workflows and as easy as Power Automate is to use, sometimes the process of creating clickable hyperlinks in your workflow action can be complicated. The tutorial video below, will demonstrate how to add hyperlinks in Microsoft Power Automate. Specifically, it will cover two ways to create hyperlinks in Power Automate.

How To Create A Static Hyperlink In Power Automate

The tutorial begins by demonstrating how to create static clickable hyperlinks within a Power Automate workflow action. A static link is one that is hard coded meaning that the link will always point to the same destination whether a file, folder or site. As the video tutorial below demonstrates, to add a clickable hyperlink in Power Automate, you will need to use the HTML “A HREF” attribute in conjunction with a variable to store your destination URL. To learn how to insert a clickable hyperlink check out the clip below.

How To Create A Dynamic Hyperlink In Power Automate

The tutorial will end off by demonstrating how to create a dynamic clickable hyperlink in a Power Automate workflow action. A dynamic hyperlink the context of a Microsoft Power Automate workflow is one that updates the destination URL dynamically based on a context. The example covered in the tutorial will demonstrate how to add a link to a SharePoint list item in the body of an email. This is part of a broader workflow that sends an email that includes details from a SharePoint Online List item whenever an item is created or modified. By the way, if you want to learn how to add email notifications to a SharePoint Online list, check out this video. To jump straight to the part of the video that demonstrates how to insert dynamic hyperlinks in Microsoft Power Automate, click below.

Unlock The Power Of Hyperlinks In Microsoft Power Automate

Mastering the art of creating clickable hyperlinks in Power Automate opens up a world of possibilities for enhancing your workflows and communication. By following the techniques showcased in this tutorial, you can confidently add static and dynamic clickable hyperlinks within workflow actions and email notifications. Say goodbye to non-functional links and unlock the full potential of Power Automate in your automation endeavors.

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