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How To Add Email Notifications To A Sharepoint Online List Using Microsoft Power Automate

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Are you looking for an efficient way to stay updated on changes and activities in your SharePoint Online list? By adding email notifications, you can ensure that you and your team are promptly informed whenever updates are made to your SharePoint Online list.

While SharePoint Online does feature the ability to create alerts out of the box (check out this video to learn how to set up alerts on a SharePoint Online list), you are not able to customize the alerts in terms of what data is included, the format and to whom the alerts are sent. That is where Power Automate SharePoint list email notifications can help. Using the Power automate when an item is created or modified trigger, you can fire an email to specific users and can also include specific attributes from the list item in the body of the email.  The tutorial video below will demonstrate how to add email notifications to a SharePoint Online list using a Microsoft Power Automate workflow. The SharePoint list workflow email notification implemented in the tutorial below will do so in the context of a SharePoint task list. Specifically, The video will cover how to build two different SharePoint task list email notification workflows.

SharePoint Online Task Assigned Email Notification Workflow

The first example will demonstrate SharePoint assign task email notifications. This notification will send an email with the task details to the user selected in the assigned to field when a new task is added to the list. To jump straight to this part of the tutorial, check out the clip below. Note if you want to learn how to add the visual task status columns that are implemented in the SharePoint List in the tutorial, check out this post.

SharePoint Online Task Completed Email Notification

The second example will demonstrate a SharePoint online task completed email notification. This workflow sends an email to the user selected in the assigned to field when a task has been completed. To jump straight to this part of the tutorial, check out the clip below.

Note About Including A Link To Item Hyperlink In A Power Automate Workflow Action

Note that when trying to insert a link to the SharePoint list item in the Power Automate workflow action, it will be inserted as a text value that is not a hyperlink. It is possible to insert hyperlinks in Power Automate but, it does require some additional elements in your workflow. To learn how to insert a hyperlink in Power Automate, check out this blog post and the video below.

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