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How To Delete A Microsoft Teams Chat Conversation

Luigi Iacobellis 0

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can delete a Microsoft Teams chat conversation. In January 2023, Microsoft finally implemented the ability to delete conversations in Teams which permanently removes it from the user’s chat menu. Note that deleting a Microsoft Teams chat conversation does not delete messages sent to one or more recipients. Deleting a Microsoft Teams chat also does not remove the conversation from the recipients chat menu. This feature also replaces the previous feature “hide conversation” which temporarily hid the conversation from the user’s chat menu. It is important to note that if you shared any files with one or more recipients, you need to remove the chat recipient access to those files before deleting the chat in Microsoft Teams. Otherwise, the recipients will still have access to them.

How To Delete A Chat In Microsoft Teams

To delete a Microsoft Teams chat, follow the steps outlined in the tutorial below.

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